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ProVISION integration of different technologies in the operating room

Prodata Healthcare has developed ProVISION: an open and brand-independent platform for imaging, sound and ICT in the medical process. This approach for the digital operating room is new and unique.

ProVISION offers a fundamental support in the primary caretaking process in the hospitals. With the help of this solution, surgeons can work digitally and create/save high-definition images and videos, consequently offering additional efficiency and advantages.

Prodata Open & Modulair

+ Open & Modular

  • Medical imaging, sound & ICT
  • Step-by-step introduction of various technologies
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Higher availability

Prodata merkonafhankelijk & toekomstgericht

+ Brand independent & Future-proof

  • Integration with existing hospital solutions
  • Tailormade on specific needs
  • Ready for 3D full HD, 4K and future video signals

Prodata Veilig & Gebruiksvriendelijk

+ Safe & User friendly

  • One solid connection point for the medical devices
  • Safe on a hygienic & electrical level
  • User friendly control via medically certified touchscreen
  • Safe and manageable storage of digital files
  • Coupling with the patient records
  • Simple in management and support

“With ProVISION, Prodata Healthcare delivers a solution that meets the medical needs, is brand independent and cost efficient and that is already – thanks to the ‘open approach’ – ready for the future.”

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