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Why choose Prodata Healthcare?

  • Belgian company with many years of experience,
  • Specialized and highly-trained collaborators,
  • Extensive experience and knowledge of hospital operations,
  • Own Research & Development department,
  • Innovating and future-proof solutions,
  • One interlocutor who understands the customer’s needs and who looks for the best solution,
  • A company where the focus lies on the client.

Prodata company profile

The Prodata Group has been delivering ICT services to hospitals for many years: Starting with networking, over security to data storage. In 2009, the company expanded with specific solutions for the healthcare sector.


Prodata Healthcare: The digital operating room

There are only a few places in a hospital where so many processes and information systems intervene as in the digital operating room. Not only has the number of video appliances increased with its consequent modalities that generate digital imaging. We also notice numerous ICT applications are being integrated such as the electornic patient file, PACS imaging, instrument tracking systems (track&trace), operating room planning systems, barcode scanning, …

Our concept of a digital operating room is that it has to be an ‘open infrastructure for imaging, sound and ICT’. This is a new and unique approach compared to the “traditional” solutions:

  • An open and modular platform for medical images, sound and ICT in the OR
  • Tailor-made on the specific requirements of the hospital and based on proven technologies
  • Modular building blocks: the various technologies can be introduced in the digital operating room gradually.
  • No delay and distortion of the images
  • Low management – & maintenance costs
  • One point of contact for imaging, sound and ICT (networking, security and backup), inside and outside of the operating room.


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