Camera surveillance

camera surveillance
Camera surveillance in and outside the hospital: always a clear view on the actual situation


Hospitals are public places where everyone can be present at any time of the day. This implies a certain follow-up with regards to safety (what is happening in different locations, intra- and extra muros)


This type of security can be integrated in healthcare in the following activities:

  • the emergency room
  • in the operating room
  • in pre-anesthesia
  • in the recovery room
  • hallway surveillance in a nursing department
  • psychiatric department
  • services with a high risk of vandalism
  • elevators and specific door movements


Camera surveillance also allows to quickly counteract on the increasing vandalism in places like the parking lot, bicycle parking and barriers.


Theft is also a phenomenon that cannot be overlooked. This varies from theft of personal items belonging to the patient to expensive medical materials of the hospital or even construction material. Surveillance of the building premises in new construction areas also has an increased necessity.