Bedside terminal

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Interactive patient care

Now more than ever, the number of patients that are admitted to hospitals is growing. This requires a different approach from the nursing staff and caretakers. Solutions to increase the efficiency are critical. Moreover, the patient is becoming more eloquent and wishes to have the comfort  of certain technological services in the hospital like the patient has at home.

Bedside Terminals offer a solution to these challenges that the personnel and the patient are facing.


The happier the patient, the healthier the patient

The stay in the hospital can be made more pleasant for the patients with only a small effort. The hospital can offer – via the bedside terminal – technological recreational possibilities with the highest quality standards. Think about television, radio, recent movies, internet, email services, gaming, video conferencing…

Specific information about the hospital and the treatment can be shared easily via this solution. The patient disposes of an independent  platform to give remarks or information to the hospital, e.g. a satisfaction survey about the stay in the hospital.

Optimizing the clinical productivity

Many care taking processes can be vastly automated and optimized so that the nursing staff can spend more quality time with the patient.


Appliances for the hospital staff:

  • Access to the HIS (hospital information system)
  • Access to the patient records
  • Access to the system for medication administration and pharmacy
  • Meal service, the patient can select the menu, taking into account his medical condition (e.g. the patient cannot consume salt)
  • Nursing communication system for non-medical interventions(e.g. the patient wants a glass of water)
  • Integration with the hospital facility system for controlling the lights in the room, air conditioning, dimming, and so on.
  • Invoicing systems